Retired haute couture model Sylvia Sharples, well known in London’s West End ran with the Chelsea set during the heydays of Mary Quant & Biba.

Modeling with the likes of Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton all around the world.

Sylvia is reticent about age and when discussing the subject had this to say!


“When I was modelling in the 60s I never thought about growing old or the consequences.  

I just hoped I’d get there very gracefully.  

Now, nearing 80, I’ve had a great life – though illness has dogged me – but I’ve kept going – only now realising I’m becoming infirm – and the thought that I will end in a nursing home terrifies me. 

I’ve already experienced the lack of care in hospitals – being a fighter I‘ve recovered – but it would be nice to know I’ll be in a “safe” environment. 

But hey, that might not happen! But I’m not giving up just yet!” 


Yet as we can see Sylvia retains her poise and glamour in spite of age & illness.