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Bridging The Care Gap

Families with loved ones in care homes can be the last to recognise a decline in care quality. But their loved one is always the first! The complexity of views and professional justification offered, can cause a family considerable frustration especially if concerns of suspected neglect or mistreatment are also dismissed by senior management.

It’s all too easy to take care quality for granted. Although home owners are responsible for quality, many don’t actually work in the home. It’s not that they don’t care, they do, but it is clearly impossible for them to know exactly how carers respond to the ever-changing needs of each resident on a daily basis. Ironically, knowing what’s going on, gets even harder if the business is successful and growing in scale.

We add volume to your voice by advising the care home owners that you have care professionals beside you. We also advise how to combat culture breakdowns with support to adopt systems which signal potential problems. Let’s make sure your loved ones get the loving care they expect and the happiness they deserve.