Margaret Hill (Nee Simpson) – Born 1942


Margaret Simpson was born in the Cathedral City of Lichfield Staffordshire

Margaret’s father was an aircraft planner and her mother a happy housewife.

Margaret had a brother Jimmy who died from a chest illness when he was only fifty five.

She was educated in a private school then went to Art College to study dress design. After graduating she underwent teacher training and became a teacher of art and general studies.

She spent some time living in Manchester sharing a flat with a college friend. It was while in Manchester that she became a close friend of a young George Best. These were her “rave” days and her circle of friends include many well known celebrities.

It was during her Summer job in Cornwall that she met entrepreneur Ian Hill previously the lighting manager for the rock band “The Who”

Margaret’s husband was well known as a “Euro Hippie” as he traveled to wherever he saw a business opportunity but wherever he went he found a beach.

After they were married they created a family of two boys who later married themselves and ultimately presented a delighted Margaret with several grandchildren.

Margaret was invited to join the teaching team at the Duchy Grammar School where she spent sixteen years of her teaching career helping pupils achieve GCE and A levels with substantial success. This was an extremely fulfilling period of her life.

Margaret and her husband Ian spent the summer holidays chasing the sun never leaving the beach unless it was to attend Grand Prix race meetings around the world which they did several times a year.

Because of their love of the sun they acquired and developed homes in Cornwall, France and Spain. They moved on throughout the year to whichever home offered the best climate at the time.

Her very popular and talented husband Ian had a great sense of humour but he died in his late sixties after a long battle with cancer. 

Margaret’s love of speed extends to her own life as she drives to her homes across Europe in her beloved sports car.

As her grandchildren begin to grow she now spends more of her time in Cornwall to be with them.

When asked what advice she would offer the younger generation she answered with the way she and her husband lived themselves. “ live life to the full”