Mohammed Abass Hassan Born in 1935

Mohammed Abass is a proud Afar. He was once a nomad but now due to age is necessarily settled in his small village near Lac Abbe.

He has survived an extremely harsh life which due to climate and geological change has become even harsher.

Lake Abbe, also known as Lake Abhe Bad, is a salt lake, lying on the EthiopiaDjibouti border.

It is one of a chain of six connected lakes, which also includes (from north to south) lakes GargoriLaitaliGummareBario and Afambo.

The lake is the ultimate destination of the Awash River, which is at the center of the Afar Depression.

Lake Abbe is considered one of the most inaccessible areas of the earth.

The water itself is known for its flamingos. The scenery is unique but fails to provide food for the Afar people.

The temperature in the winter is 30 degrees and in the summer rises to 50 degrees.

He says “We find what god gives us. If it doesn’t rain or if there’s nothing else, people complain and make a fuss in the village.” 

“The land has dried up as there is no water.” “The only thing we have is poverty”