Brian Morris

Born in Northern Ireland in January 1937.

Brian’s mother died before his fifth birthday and he now cherishes the single photograph he has of her which he keeps safe in his berth. 

His father was in the army so he saw little of him after his mother died.

When still an infant when he was evacuated to Liverpool but he was then to be placed in homes around the country which he found were either happy or totally horrific. When he was still a small boy he was shot in the leg and needed to wear calipers for some time.

When he became old enough he followed his father into the army and joined the commando regiment. He was transferred to the Royal Artillery where he remained throughout his army career until  he was demobbed in 1977.

Brian had three brothers also in the armed forces. He and his brothers were in the army boxing team with Brian fighting in the lightest category. He was a considered a fantastic athlete who loved to run, remaining as ‘fit as a fiddle’ to this day.

His army career took him to the Far East and he served in Borneo, Aden, Northern Ireland, Germany, Singapore, Malaya and the UK. Such were his constant travels that each of his four daughters were born in a different country.

He spent the remainder of his working life as a civil servant working with the armed forces personnel and their dependents.

Brians family is the most important part in his life. He is a proud father, grandfather and great grandfather. His four daughters who range in ages between fifty-seven and sixty-six remain Daddy’s girls. He has devoted his life to being loving and loyal, affectionate and kind, generous and hardworking and is adored by those who consider themselves lucky enough to know him.

Brian has an artistic side, writing poetry which have been published in several books with royalties going to charity.

Country Music is also a great love and has been a collector since he was fourteen years old. Music allows Brian to express his feelings and he often call his daughters to share the meaningful lyrics of a Country song.

Brian moved to Royal Hospital Chelsea in 2021 where he now enjoys a quieter life with fellow veterans.

Although eighty five years old Brian still leads an active life. He continues to visit his daughters in Essex and North Yorkshire whenever he can. 

His proud family are happy in the knowledge that their shy and humble father who would rather give than take is now himself in a safe place.

Entry proposed by Carol Harte GGAF