Mavis was born in Worcester on 8th February 1931 but brought up by her adoptive parents in Cheltenham , Gloucestershire.

Her mother tried to keep her but was not able to do so as she had a very sick husband and a child with consumption both of whom died early.

Whilst Mavis had a difficult start in life she learnt to appreciate the good things and she has a wonderful sense of humour.

She married a good man and together they enjoyed a happy life with their dogs, their caravan and each other.

Mavis worked initially as a conductress then as a wage clerk for the local bus company (now Stagecoach) and later for the Echo delivering to the likes of musician Steve Winwood, TV personality Ann Robinson and she  can tell many a tale.

She also became known as “Mave the Rave” due to her DJ-ing skills on their holidays.

When her talent for sharing music was discovered she was in popular demand across the country!

Sadly, Mavis’ husbands’ health deteriorated and she nursed him through his last months.

Mavis has had her own health issues but she always remains upbeat and young at heart.

She uses Facebook, Spotify, Alexa, she can message and during lockdown, at the impressive age of 90, she learnt how to FaceTime .

At the moment Mavis is suffering terribly with shingles in her head and face but she still finds time to ask about others.

As soon as she is better Mavis and I have a date…. She will be round our house for a glass of Pimm’s and strawberries and cream. 

Mave the Rave…. You are the best!

Entry written by Dee Russell-Thomas Director GGAF