Judith Cullen – Born January 1946

Judith Cullen is widely known as just Judy. She began her working life with what would become a successful hairdressing business at just seventeen years old.

Like many other busy mums, Judy spent much of her early married life juggling business, schools and home life, gifting her time and attention to her Mum and Dad and her growing family. 

Judy is now seventy-seven and has been married to her husband artist businessman James for fifty-six years. They have three children also in business but all are artists too. 

In total contrast Judy remains a party person and enjoys entertaining. Judy has been known to cook a four course dinner for twenty two guests single handed.

She remains on the NSPCC committee and has spent much of her life helping others.

Judy and Pat Phoenix the actress best known for her part in a famous soap opera were extremely close friends. Pat stopped over many times always insisting on cooking a huge full english breakfast. She mostly enjoyed sharing family time with the children and getting up to mischief!

Judy and Pat planned all the annual New Years Eve city breaks (Madness) with the destinations and events becoming more bizarre and exotic as the years went by. George V in Paris and NYE at Maxims or flying to Hintlesham Hall in Suffolk to be feted by the famous Robert Carrier then flying back the next morning to Manchester so Pat could get to rehearsals on time to name but a few. Each NYE holds a fascinating story that occasionally comes out over dinner!

Judy’s own incredible life was celebrated with a secretly created “Movie” featuring her life. It was first screened at the Odeon Cinema on her Sixtieth Birthday to a theatre secretly filled with family and friends from across the world. The magazines were full of photos of Judy arriving at an after party in a white limo to a crowd of flashing cameras.

Judy was born in January so the film was appropriately titled “The Path of Capricorn” 

When asked what she would say to a younger generation she replied with this:

“No matter what happens in your life….just get on with it!”