Judy Cullen wife of the MyGran founder James is with Granddaughters Eta and Ava after a dancing show. The lady in the striped sweater is Hannah Ellis-Ryan the writer of the play My Gran on which this website is based.

The play is about abuse in a nursing home and how Chloe the granddaughter of the victim causes havoc in her quest to rescue her Gran. Ava and Eta played key roles in the play which was filmed on location at Sutton House before the Covid lockdown.

Schools and colleges are invited to use the play royalty free and it is available to download. Click on the link to view & download the script. MY GRAN

The plays narrative describes the complexity of views and the ease of deception when a carer or nurse appears to cause harm to a resident. The play also demonstrates the frustration suffered by people with loved ones in care homes when faced with resistance to their fears of mistreatment taking place.